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Dear James Islanders,

Amidst the global pandemic, many wise homebuyers and sellers have recently decided to take a breather. The Coronavirus has affected our jobs and livelihood, and for many of us, a “wait and see” approach to the home market makes sense. I certainly have seen this approach in the real estate market and I extend my thoughts and prayers to the entire James Island community as we deal with the impacts of this disease. After the Coronavirus runs its course, the economy will rebuild and we can once again make more certain financial decisions.

For those less impacted, however, the economic uncertainty has created opportunity. Fewer “shoppers” in the market means less competition for truly great homes. Historically low interest rates also mean the potential for low monthly mortgage payments. This combination may provide an opportunity for some first-time home-buyers and those who have grown out of their current home. I am still helping friends in this boat as I write.

For those James Islanders interested in exploring the real estate market possibilities, whether now or in the future, I am here to help. There is no sales pitch or commitment-- just an opportunity to talk through what is best for you. For those who prefer, I have even taken to meeting friends and showing homes “virtually” (subject to changing local and state emergency procedures).

It is a brave new world, but I have never felt as connected to James Island as I do now. We will get through this together. And we will grow stronger together.

I hope you and your family are healthy and safe,


Katie McCabe


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