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To the James Island Class of 2020

For many graduates in the James Island community, this month should have been a month of celebration. While proms, parties, and formal graduation plans may have been disrupted, our appreciation for our graduates has never waned. That is why this installment of the LowCountry Local is dedicated to our graduates across the island. To the class of 2020, we salute all that you have accomplished, and we could not be more proud of you.

I reached out to Camp Road Middle School Principal, David Parler, who wanted to deliver this message to our island graduates:

Hello James Island Charter High School Class of 2020. Since your middle school years I have had the pleasure of watching so many of you grow and excel in academics, music, the arts, and athletics. I have cheered for many of you on the field or in the performing arts center. During the week of April 27, the Camp Road Middle School administrators dedicated a video to you which is on our Camp Road Middle School Facebook page. We believe in you. We believe you will rise above the struggles that you encountered the final two months of your high school career. We believe you will enter college or the work force and build the skills to improve our community, our state, and our nation. Congratulations Class of 2020 on your impeccable vision.

David A. Parler, Principal Camp Road Middle School

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