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No-contact Options for Buying during COVID-19, Charleston, South Carolina

Given the current state of affairs, some buyers have decided to hit the pause button. Others are jumping in and taking advantage of the all time low mortgage rates, and various options for staying "contact free" during the buying process. Here is a round-up of contact free options:

1. Initial consultation with your realtor: Although it's nice to meet face to face, a virtual meeting or meetings thru Zoom gets the job done.

2. Home shopping: Narrow down the options from the couch with a personalized email portal. I can set up a home search for you which will automatically send you homes that meet your critieria as they come on the market. Also, consider completing "drive-bys" of prospective properties beforehand to ensure the neighborhood is to your liking before scheduling a showing.

3. Pre-qualification: Most sellers want to know that buyers are serious before granting them a showing during COVID-19. The best way to demonstrate this is to have a prequalification in hand. I have a list of recommended, local lenders I can direct you to. The pre-qualification process can be handled via phone and email.

4. Home viewing: Depending upon your preference there are a variety of options for viewing homes. Some homes have 3D tours available. I can also tour the home on your behalf and either send you a video or FaceTime with you as I walk the property. Most owners, are also open to traditional, in person, showings.

5. Inspection: I attend every client inspection. Your inspector will send you a detailed report with pictures and tiered recommendations. You can also follow up with the inspector via phone. Attending the inspection, is up to you.

6. Appraisal: You do not need to attend the appraisal. You will receive the document when it is complete (from your lender.)

7. CL100: This is the termite and moisture test in South Carolina required by many lenders. You do not have to be present for this test to be performed. You will get a report detailing the findings.

8. Closing: Here again, you have several options. In South Carolina, these traditionally happen in the conference room of your chosen real estate lawyer. You can also close outside or electronically, by completing Power of Attorney documents beforehand.

Happy Home Buying!

Katie McCabe, your Lowcountry Local Realtor

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