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Thank you James Island Teachers!

Amber McQueen, is art teacher extraordinaire at Harbor View Elementary also a James Island resident. I asked her to share her thoughts on why art can help now:

Our world is currently going through some tough times which can result in extra stress and anxiety. Making art can help relieve stress and anxiety caused from depression or emotional trauma both mentally and physically. In my opinion, the process of creating art can be used to relax your mind and body, build self-love, and a way to feel and or express happiness, joy, and pride.

Can you recommend an easy project that families can complete together?

Matisse was a famous French artist with an interesting story of his life and art. He created many compositions by cutting out paper shapes with his scissors. Henri called it “drawing with scissors”. Gather a variety of paper: construction paper, newspaper, magazine pages, paint or color your own paper, etc. Use scissors to cut interesting shapes from the colorful papers collected or made. Arrange the cut out shapes onto a large piece of paper. When satisfied with the placement of the shapes, glue the shapes in place with a glue stick. Imagine, have courage, create, and enjoy!

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