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Healthy and Quick on James Island

I finally had the chance to visit the latest branch of Dellz, open since April beside Gold's Gym on James Island. For those of you who are vegan, vegetarian or like to eat healthy, this may be good option for you. Dellz has been a staple in the city for a while. I used to frequent Dellz Uptown on Rutledge Avenue when I was downtown working. They also have a new location called Dellz on the Macon in North Charleston.

Dellz is a family business run by Maudell Grayson. Given the day and location you may run into Maudell or one of her children working at the different locations. The James Island location is open M - F and Saturday from about 7 - 7. For breakfast they have smoothies and juices. I was tickled to see a smoothie by the name of Wonder Women which is made of almond milk, banana, almond butter, strawberries, and plant based protein. I make something very similar to this at home and it is magically delicious. My bloggin and photographer friend Sarah Goldman ordered it. Here is a pic:

The majority of their menu is lunch and dinner fare including salads, wrapz, deli favs, and bowls. Lots of vegetable filled options but plenty of meat selections as well including turkey, roast beef, shrimp and Mahi. After intense deliberation and consultation, I decided to order the tacos, one shrimp and one Mahi. Here they are:

The Mahi was covered in Dellz sauce. I don't know what is in there but it's dang good! Haven't had a chance to down the shrimp yet, but I can already recommend you stop by this joint! Please come support this local business, offering one of the few healthy options available on James Island.

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