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Visit the Angels at Angel Oak

Estimated to be 300-400 years old, the Angel Oak on Johns Island will never disappoint to spell the summer doldrums. Turn onto Angel Oak Rd from Maybank Highway and you'll be sure you've made a wrong turn (even if you went last year!). The compacted dirt road looks more likely to lead to a farmhouse than a county park, but journey just a quarter mile and you'll stumble upon the Sisteen Chapel of the nature world. While many won't find reason to spend more than 30 minutes at the park, stay just long enough to get lost in the majesty of God's creation. Follow the longest branch 89 feet from beginning to end- trying to figure which one it actually is- while enjoying the 17,000 square feet of shade. Pack a lunch for the kids to make the stay a few minutes longer. But remember, no climbing!

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