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Your Home Valuation

Finding the right listing price for your home requires an understanding of markets, and unfortunately for us, markets can be persnickety animals. Up one one month and down the next, home prices reflect the volatile forces of supply and demand. That's why Katie's no cost Three-Tiered Home Valuation consultation provides sellers with just the right amount of information that they need to value, list, and sell their home.


What you can expect from your home valuation

1)  Katie will meet with you face to face to discuss your unique real estate

needs. She will walk your home, gather detailed listing information, and

work to earn your trust.


2) Katie will run a comprehensive comparable property analysis to show

you how homes in your area are selling.


3) Katie will evaluate seasonality, home supply, and other market forces in

order to create your unique Three-Tiered Home Valuation

recommendation (see below). 


4) When you decide to list with Katie, she will recommend a listing price; but you will select the listing price that best fits your individual situation. 



Listing Tiers

Aggressive Tier- Some clients prefer to move from their home as soon as possible. Whether it's a life event or simply the convenience of getting home showings over and down with, a client in this tier is motivated to sell. Clients who price their home in this  listing tier show their house upon request and are very responsive to feedback, making fixes as necessary. When an offer comes, they are very open to negotiation. The Aggressive Tier home valuation is a "priced to sell" listing range for motivated sellers.


Standard Tier- Many clients have some urgency with their move, but also a degree of flexibility that allows them to wait for a competitive offer. They are willing to make some fixes on their home as they get feedback from showings in an effort to maximize their home value, and are willing to dismiss offers well below market value.  They actively seek to negotiate when a competitive offer comes. The Standard Tier is a range of listing prices for clients who have the time and patience to accept only competitive offers.


Best Price Tier-Fewer clients have the ability to wait for many weeks or months to get the highest possible offer on their home.  They are willing to be "stubborn" about their listing price in an effort to solicit the highest possible offer, sometimes waiting for a cash -only offer that can get around prohibitive appraisals.They might reject multiple offers, and are willing to "wait it out" until the right buyer comes along. The fixes they complete on their home are ones they view only as imperative to getting the price they want. Clients in this tier sell only under the right circumstance and rarely negotiate.

Hypothetical Example of Katie's Three-Tiered Home Valuation Recommendation:

Suggested listing price - Aggressive Tier-  $270,000- $290,000

Suggested listing price - Standard Tier -    $290,000- $310,000

Suggested listing price - Best Price Tier - $310,000-$330,000

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