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Is it Safe to Go to the Dentist Now?

Thank you to James Island resident, Tony Mennito, for answering these questions about dentistry during COVID. Tony is an Associate professor at MUSC College of Dental Medicine and private practice dentist at Expertise Dental in West Ashley. 


1. Is it safe to go to the dentist during this time?

Generally speaking, yes. Different practices are taking different precautions but I will tell you what most, including my own, are doing. In truth, even before COVID we took infection control very seriously and now we, as a profession, have stepped it up even more. 

    • Having you wait in your car until we are ready to see you.  This avoids interactions with other patients in the waiting room or at the front desk.

    • Everyone is asked to wear a mask to enter and exit the building (dentists and staff included) and we are taking temperatures and O2 saturation levels to ensure that you (or we) are not ill. 

    • Treatment rooms have always been thoroughly cleaned between

patients but now we are using even stronger cleaners as well as

utilizing air purification systems to clean the air between patients.

    • Several other measures to limit aerosol production*, ensure the safety

of the dentist and staff and thoroughly clean the office at the end of


*Some of the equipment we use creates an aerosol and the thought is that

if someone is unknowingly infected with the virus, their saliva can be put into the air via the aerosol mist. This is why things like a rinse with hydrogen

peroxide before we begin treatment, use of high volume suction (think

vacuum in your mouth) and HEPA filtration to clean and turn the air in the room over every 10 minutes or so are so important. 

2. What should I ask my dentist before I visit?

Before your appointment it might be a good idea to call your

dentist and see what they've changed in response to COVID.

You may notice that a dental cleaning, for instance, may be a

little different due to our desire to limit aerosol production for

your safety as well as our own.

3. Is it better to get a cleaning now or wait 6 months or so?

Oral health is an important part of your systemic health. The

reality is a trip to the dentist taking the above precautions is

likely safer than a trip to the grocery store or your favorite

restaurant. There is no reason to wait.

4. What if my dentist takes his mask off?

This is unlikely as we are used to wearing masks and know that

they are our best protection. However, we are human too and old

habits, such as talking to a patient after a procedure without a

mask might creep in. After the procedure, we have the patients

put their mask back on leave the building. So if your dentist

takes their mask off for any reason, you should still have yours on.


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